On the Street: Our New Music Style Icons in Austin

March 23, 2010

Austin was full of nattily dressed attendees last week, but everywhere we went, two ladies stood out as obvious burgeoning style icons. The first day we saw style maven Maluca in the street, she looked like an ill Neneh Cherry channeled into a Fly Girl, draped in baggy highwaters, a black-and-white striped bodysuit and doorknockers. When she came through the Levi's®/FADER Fort, her look still spoke '90s hip-house diva, but this time was sleekened by a swathe of soft leather and a custom deconstructed tee by MINC's Mihal Freinquel. Marina Diamandis, on the other hand, the snazzy frontwoman of UK darlings Marina & the Diamonds, channeled her club culture-inspired ensemble through a very current, London laissez-faire whimsy, augmenting her lady Jodeci overalls with black pumps and a bright Mickey Mouse print. Check the flicks after the jump.

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On The Street
On the Street: Our New Music Style Icons in Austin