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DJ Normal Nada, “Kukiza k Kuia” MP3 + Estraga Mixtape

April 02, 2010

We try to stay on top of our kuduro around here, so when we say this is the weirdest, most awesome kuduro song we've heard lately, it is not with the dilettante's flair for hyperbole. It's not your run-of-the-mill hard ass kuduro, more like if Charlie Brown had grown up whiffing on soccer balls in Luanda instead of Minnesota or wherever. BUT, if there is more of this strain out there, we are open ears. Visit Nada's website for heavy cache of kuduro jams, including his own new mixtape below.

Download: DJ Normal Nada, Estraga Mixtape

Download: DJ Normal Nada, "Kukiza k Kuia" (via Ghetto Bassquake

Posted: April 02, 2010
DJ Normal Nada, “Kukiza k Kuia” MP3 + Estraga Mixtape