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Slackk’s Eski House Mixtape MP3

April 05, 2010

Electronic/dance genres mutate practically bimonthly in London, evolving just slightly faster than the authorities can shut down its clubs (although it seems the popo's catching up). On this mixtape, Slackk melds the stuttering thugosity of grime (Eski, remember that?) with funky's propulsive rhythms and R&B tweaks, and it is NASTY—a natural fusion that, according to this very knowledgeable/fascinating/must read post, is a promise finally filled three years after it was expected. All we know is, if you like going extremely hard on the dancefloor and miss the deft, agile stabs of garage synths, this mixtape is going to blow your mind. Slackk's remix of Grimbo's "Sea Monk" alone is utterly insane. Tracklist after the jump.

Download: Slackk's Eski House Mix (via Lower End Spasm)

Ginuwine, "Pony (Slackk vs Bok Bok Hands Riddim RMX)"
Slackk, "Crank"
Wiley, "Carnival"
Mista Bee, "Amazon's Night"
Geo, "Crippled Sublow Assassin"
Slackk, "Fire Flies"
Freddy Fuori, "Master At Work (Lucky Basterd Mix)"
DJ Oddz & Eastwood, "Toothache"
Slackk, "Marching"
Thunder Frix, "HeartBreaka"
Moony, "Roach"
Grimbo, "Sea Monk (Slackk's Drum Jam Remix)"
Slackk, "Peru"
Paper Boi, "Zen On"
Slackk, "Abacus"
Doc Daneeka, "Funky Bit"
Jam City, "Untitled"
Spooky, "Candy Floss"
Slackk, "Menace (Unfinished)"

Slackk’s Eski House Mixtape MP3