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Premiere: Burnt Ones, “Gonna Listen to T. Rex (All Night Long)” MP3

April 09, 2010

Burnt Ones is a great band name because it kinda sounds like a Mobb Deep song, which is tough, and also stuff that's been on fire, which is ehhh summery? Regardless, this trio out of Indianapolis is as tough and on fire as their neighboring Butler basketball team (Duke game was a travesty of dreams), and we're rooting for them. This song is from their new All Night Long 7-inch on Roaring Colonel Records, the label founded by longtime music blogspot My Old Kentucky Blog, to be released on April 15th. You will probably not be surprised to find out that it rings of salad days T. Rex, but with appropriate modern twists like lo-fidelity. If you happen to be in Indianapolis on the day of the single's release, go see Burnt Ones play it at the launch party at Locals Only. Or two days later you can check them out when they play their favorite cover songs at Indy CD & Vinyl and Luna Music for Record Store Day.

Download: Burnt Ones, "Gonna Listen to T. Rex (All Night Long)"

Posted: April 09, 2010
Premiere: Burnt Ones, “Gonna Listen to T. Rex (All Night Long)” MP3