Stream: Walls, “Burnt Sienna” + Dummy Mag Mix

April 15, 2010

You may have seen the name Walls around recently with their remixes for The Field, Pantha Du Prince and Caribou. "Burnt Sienna" is the first song of their own they've made available. Many more will soon be around, as the group—duo of Alessio Natalizia of Banjo or Freakout and Sam Willis of Allez Allez—will soon release their debut on Kompakt. Sounding like Salem without any drum machines, or the inverse of Pantha Du Prince, they've created a smokey goth take on ambient techno. Their mix for Dummy is slightly less moody, though certainly still focused on elongated sounds. Opening with a choral Beach Boys track, the tone is set for an assortment of music that skirts the line of pretty and scary.

Stream: Walls, "Burnt Sienna"

Download: Walls' Mix for Dummy

Stream: Walls, “Burnt Sienna” + Dummy Mag Mix