Coachella, Day 2

April 18, 2010

Photos by David Bevan

Though its line-up was probably the shakiest of the festival's three days, yesterday turned out beautifully anyway. There was a blanket of haze in the air and a few really nice breezes cut up the heat. FADER favorites Beach House and Girls took apart the middle of the afternoon like windswept pros, the former offering up what sounded like a snippet of a Gucci Mane cover and the latter staying way more in their lane with an Everly Brothers redo. Even The xx, purveyors of mood rocks that they are, were able to take hold of the crowd in the early evening in a way that headliners like Muse and Faith No More couldn't seem to later on. We suppose you could say that Saturday's gifts were found in the details. Enjoy some more photos after the leap, to be updated throughout the day.

Please note more than anything above the seventy year-old woman with her camera held high. Coachella is for everyone, not just celebrities or young people. Everybody hangs out. More on that in a few frames.

For a few seconds yesterday, everyone around us pointed toward the main stage, convinced it was on fire. We thought the same thing at first; turns out it was only part of Coheed and Cambria's show. In the press/VIP area, celebrities were hanging out in high numbers, chum to the school of paparazzi loitering (with wristbands!) below. They were probably waiting for the Hilton sisters to re-emerge from the bathroom area.

Coachella, Day 2