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His Clancyness, “Summer Majestic” MP3

April 21, 2010

One thing about all the summery music we tend to post here is that most of it evokes that season because of its anticipatory joy. But the most memorable summers are the ones that also include a little heartbreak and His Clancyness unintentionally looks forward to bummer styles that with this new demo. As he explained in the email he sent it with:

Been waiting for my next release Always Mist C26 to come out for the lovely guyz over at Mirror Universe Tapes.

In the meanwhile i've been recording some new stuff, this is a new song i wanted to share, I've been waiting for the season to change over here in bologna but it's not happening, rain, rain, rain...come sun, sun, sun.

Download: His Clancyness, "Summer Majestic"

His Clancyness, “Summer Majestic” MP3