The FADER Issue 67 Podcast MP3

Photographer Emma Hardy, F67)
April 23, 2010

Every year, to celebrate our foremothers and fathers, FADER releases an icon issue. Though we've featured such crucially influential folks as David Byrne, Aaliyah, Nina Simone and Miles Davis, we always make sure to pack in our regular plentiful coverage of new music, as well. This year's icon issue, a double feature of Siouxsie Sioux and Shabba Ranks, is no exception. We'll have some special treats from those two soon, but for our Issue 67 podcast, we wanted to highlight our Gen F artists. Check the tracklist below and check the issue for a story on each of these potential future icons.

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Yelawolf, "Pop the Trunk"
Actress, "Maze"
Moon Duo, "Stumbling 22nd St."
Harlem, "Friendly Ghost"
Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, "La Hora de Volve"
Stacious, "Just Do It"

The FADER Issue 67 Podcast MP3