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Cam’ron, Vado & Kid Cudi, “Ur Killin Me” MP3

April 27, 2010

This is a great use of Kid Cudi. Previously, he's been painted as an everyman, a stoner who might be draped in expensive streetwear and hanging out in front of illustrated backgrounds with Snoop, but a dude who gets us, the regular old viewers. The under-utilized flip is that his sing-song voice can be used to haunting effect—lurking in the back over blinking synths, almost mumbling and fading under Cam's not-impressed-with-anything-ever monotone. There are drops and tags all over this, we'll switch it out for a better version when it surfaces.

UPDATE: CDQ below.

Download: Cam'ron, Vado & Kid Cudi, "Ur Killin Me" (via Nah Right)

Cam’ron, Vado & Kid Cudi, “Ur Killin Me” MP3