Stylee Fridays: Annie Larson Makes Knits as Sweet as Candy

April 30, 2010

The story behind Annie Larson and her new line of knitwear starts with a packet of colorfully patterned stickers found in a local thrift store. Covered in stripes, checkerboards and triangular shapes, the original prints sit front and centre on the label's home page, and it's interesting to see that throwback inspiration played out over cycling shorts, leggings and adorable cropped sweaters. The Minnesota native has been known to spin full overalls from yarn, and makes the case for head-to-toe knits in her own wardrobe on a daily basis. Before designing her new collection, she created costumes for a collaborative project with artists Erin Smith and Brett Smith—there was group dance choreography involved and segways, and it's honestly best to check out the pictures on her site to peep the full arty madness.

Funnily enough, Larson was actually lured into knitwear via her day job designing sweaters for mega brands like Target. Her sharp eye for color combinations predates all of that, and it's worth browsing the archives for her hand-dyed backpacks and custom sunshine prints. In the meantime it's the knits we'll be sticking with this summer, pieces will be bright enough to sweeten our closets come the fall.

From The Collection:

Stylee Fridays
Stylee Fridays: Annie Larson Makes Knits as Sweet as Candy