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Rory Phillips’ White Light Mix MP3

May 03, 2010

Distinguished London DJ Rory Phillips purportedly locked himself in a dark room and based this mix not on beat-matching but on vibes, which tend towards the zig-zag treble and sneering basslines of post-punk. Phillips, known for co-hosting London's infamous Trash party with similar-minded DJ Erol Alkan, submitted the 24th entry in White Light. It's a series started by DJs Neoteric and Matty C and meant to combat the preponderance of frazzled, ADD internet mixes with timeless song selection and painstaking blends—patience over immediacy. Download the archives here, and get the tracklist after the jump.

Download: Rory Phillips, White Light Mix #23

Detachments – Fear No Fear (Naum Gabo Mix)
The Splash Band – Die Klapperschlange
Visage – We Move (dance mix)
Grace Jones – Nipple to the Bottle
Honeymoon Killers – Histoire a Suivre
Kameleon – Génocide Généthliaque
Jackpot – Greased Lightning (Rory Phillips mix)
Ciccone Youth – Making the Nature Scene
Yellow Magic Orchestra – 1000 Knives
Sexual Harrasment – I Need a Freak
The Dance – In Lust
Material – Secret Life
Heaven 17 – Play to Win (dub)
Thompson Twins – Desert Dancers (remix)
Talking Heads – Slippery People (Jellybean extended mix)

Rory Phillips’ White Light Mix MP3