Darcel Disappoints Is An Illustrated Twitter

May 05, 2010

Darcel Disappoints is like a more beautiful, googley-eyed version of Twitter. Our tweets are majorly boring ("Drinking Coconut Water", "Going to bed now"), but Australian artist Craig Redman turns his daily musings into whole illustrated scenes, assuming the cartoon persona of Darcel and drawing the one-eyed monster into an emoticon for his feelings. And as it turns out, Darcel has pretty good taste in clothing too. After the jump, more scenes from Darcel's day, captions included.

"Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr were a damn fine start to Saturday night."

"I forgot how foul Soho is on the weekends."

"Oh fuck! Fever Ray at Webster Hall was amazing."

"My head just exploded at colette."

Darcel Disappoints Is An Illustrated Twitter