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Exclusive Stream: Ceremony, “Terminal Addiction”

May 06, 2010

Last week we introduced you to "Sick" the first track from punk/hardcore group Ceremony's upcoming suburban drone soundtrack, Rohnert Park. Today we've got another track from the album, "Terminal Addiction." It's less than two minutes, maybe about as long as their attention span lasts. Whereas "Sick," wrestled with resolving the malaise, "Terminal Addiction" gives into it, with the final plea for alcohol, cocaine and Demerol, caffeine, nicotine, Vicodin, heroin. It's a peculiar sentiment for a band who certainly exists in the scene that nurses straight edge. Ceremony's figured out how to make feeling lackadaisical such a crucial concern and its that mix of progress and regression inside a short song that makes such a perfect punk band. We'll only have "Terminal Addiction" up for 24 hours, so check it out now and if you're interested, Rohnert Park is out June 8th, but you can preorder it now at Bridge 9.

Stream: Ceremony, "Terminal Addiction"

Update: The 24-hour window is closed. Check out "Sick" for your Ceremony fix until Rohnert Park's release on June 8th.

Exclusive Stream: Ceremony, “Terminal Addiction”