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Linton Brown’s Summer of Lovestep Mixtape

May 06, 2010

Lovestep remains one of, if not the best genre names of all time, and fortunately, most of the music released attached to it is of equally memorable quality if you're into bass-heavy, string-laden sex jams. Because let's be honest, no one is falling in love at the club while your innards wobble from low-end right? This music is for sweaty, possibly ill-advised public displays of affection on the dancefloor. Candlelight optional. Linton Brown made this mix of recent favorites, including a few of his own stellar remixes and a brand new original, the aptly-named "Horndog." Get it all below and head out to LIFE in Brighton tomorrow night, May 7th, to get your very own horndog on when Brown DJs with Duke Dumont at Big Fish Little Fish.

Download: Linton Brown's Summer of Lovestep Mixtape

Download: Linton Brown, "Horndog"

Linton Brown’s Summer of Lovestep Mixtape