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Stream: Fair Ohs, “Eden Rock” & “La Madrague”

May 17, 2010

Fair Ohs' spastic little ocean singalong "Eden Rock" hits the spot—it sounds like running around on the beach barefoot, hyped up on sugar and caffeine, cavorting and splashing gaily. In other words, total freedom. (The cover art doesn't hurt the song's connotations.) The B-side is a dreamy Brigitte Bardot cover to carry you into the night, when you're wrapped up in a blanket in front of a bonfire with your arm around someone you like. The 7-inch is available here and will make you idealize summer times like a scene from the movie Gidget.

Eden Rockbyfairohs

La Madraguebyfairohs

Stream: Fair Ohs, “Eden Rock” & “La Madrague”