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The-Dream, “My Black Everything” and “Sex Intelligent” MP3s

May 24, 2010

The-Dream has a black Jesus piece? Maybe someday we can have one too. Until then we'll try to imagine what it would be like to be The-Dream (it is probably nice to be him). There's a chance he wrote this song while he was eating Grape-Nuts in the morning, and decided that since writing it only took him ten minutes instead of his usual one hour, he'd put it on his forthcoming mixtape Lovesessions, since it's just good instead of being HOLY SHIT SUMMER ANTHEM UNTIL WE WITHER AWAY AND DIE OF OLD AGE. And because he must be worried that we're not all fully aware of his significant songwriting prowess, the dude also threw "Sex Intelligent" out into the ether of the internet. That song is actually from Love King, and after Terius Nash says "gimme some of that old shit" he proceeds one-up himself in the span of a single FADER blog post and launch into a razor-thin, halting, haunting sex ballad that sounds like it was beamed directly from next year. It will make a million people have babies at once.

Download: The-Dream, "My Black Everything"

Download: The-Dream, "Sex Intelligent"

The-Dream, “My Black Everything” and “Sex Intelligent” MP3s