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Rich Boy, “She Luvs Me (She Luvs Me Not)” MP3

June 01, 2010

It's always a little disturbing when an artist comes back from a hiatus with a track about getting constantly wasted in VIP—is that all you've been doing in your free time?—but in this case we can let it slide because it sounds like the prequel the Rich Boy's own personal The Hangover. His bite is as sharp as ever and, unslurred words notwitstanding, he sounds like if he downs another shot (from the "hundred bottles" he orders, good god) he might transform into some boozy wolverine. Fuck yo couch! Polow da Don, surely no stranger to the kind of wastoid evening Rich Boy's chronicled, provided a well debauched beat for the occasion, knowing if there's one thing drunk people like, it's the kind of sproingy low end that blows out the speakers at 5am. In this case, though, Rich Boy's party never disperses: When we outta champagne/ order some more. On your tab though, right?

Download: Rich Boy, "She Luvs Me (She Luvs Me Not)"

(via Rap Radar)

Rich Boy, “She Luvs Me (She Luvs Me Not)” MP3