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[SPONSORED CONTENT] Band of Ballers Artist Profile: Pill

June 10, 2010

Atlanta rapper Pill came up as a member of Killer Mike's Grind Time Rap Gang. In early 2009, he hit the national radar with his mixtape 4180: The Prescription and it's breakout single "Trap Going Ham." The track and it's accompanying video. But it was the full tape that really separated Pill from his peers.

In an age where mixtape rappers are many, and fewer rappers are able to release proper albums on major labels, Pill cut out the middle-man by treating his mixtapes like full albums—from the fully developed themes and original beats down to the liner notes. Moreover, though, this distinction comes from the quality of the rhymes. On both 4180 and his 2010 follow-up 4075: The Refill he created an everyman persona, at once likable and intense. He recently released his third mixtape, 1140: The Overdose, and will soon release his major label debut on Asylum.

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[SPONSORED CONTENT] Band of Ballers Artist Profile: Pill