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Stream: Puro Instinct’s (Formerly Pearl Harbor) New EP

June 22, 2010

Pearl Harbor's EP on Mexican Summer was totally rad. California guitars and magic carpet voice. There's something kind about siblings playing together, and Pearl Harbor—now Puro Instinct—are two siblings interlocked. This music comes from a singular brain blood vision. On their new EP, which is streaming now and is available to purchase digitally and is out on vinyl via Gloriette in July, is equally cloud bursting. There is not singing so much as tender moans, hardly notes, just scene setters. But sometimes click and there is a solo, or a clear word or some Soviet sounding synths. The guitar towards the end of "California Shakedown" is a minutely majestic, what you'd play with limp fingers and a fogged mind. Or what you listen to if you want to feel like that, at least.

Stream: Puro Instinct EP

<a href="http://puroinstinct.bandcamp.com/album/s-t">Can't Take You Anywhere by puro instinct</a>

Stream: Puro Instinct’s (Formerly Pearl Harbor) New EP