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Premiere: Crystal Fighters, “In The Summer (Telepathe Remix)” MP3

July 01, 2010

The multinational conglomerate known as Crystal Fighters have a new album named Star of Love coming on September 13th, and by the sounds of the first single, "In The Summer," that star is actually a ninja one and that love is what's going to gush out when it jabs you in the brain. It's like if ABBA played metal... sort of. Not sure what that has to do with ninja stars, but whatever, it jams, as does the Telepathe remix, though the latter jams in Telepathe's signature slightly unhinged manner. The original is available to download for free from crystalfighters.com, and if you're in London next week, Crystal Fighters will be celebrating its release with a big show at the Hoxton Bar & Grill on July 6th.

Crystal Fighters, "In The Summer"

Download: Crystal Fighters, "In The Summer (Telepathe Remix)"

Premiere: Crystal Fighters, “In The Summer (Telepathe Remix)” MP3