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Lil Jon & Diplo, “I Don’t Like You (Jayou RMX)” MP3

July 02, 2010

Point blank, we've been concerned for Lil Jon's liver for a hot minute now based on his Twitter. Average tweet: "IM IN THE CLUB PATRROOOOONNN SHOOTTTTS! YEAH!" Seems like he is always getting twisted, even if it's "AFTERNOON IN MIAMI! CRAZZZYYY," and while shit is extremely entertaining, we are inclined to worry out of love. Brit producer Jayou's jacked-up remix of Jon's track with Diplo (another of our favorite tweeters) reflects the general chaos of Jon's twits from the club, twisting the bass into an ominous, spastic dubstep under Jon's hilariously hating lyrics. But wait—does this mean we should we be worried about Jayou, too?

Download: Lil Jon & Diplo, "I Don't Like You (Jayou RMX)"

(via Discobelle)

Lil Jon & Diplo, “I Don’t Like You (Jayou RMX)” MP3