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Gentlemen Prefer: The Style of Over The Edge

July 09, 2010

It's probably summer that has us feeling our brattiest, but the desperate teen melodrama of Over The Edge is a movie we've been playing over and over again in our heads. The sentiment is ideal—apocalyptic teenagers overrunning their boring parents. But the clothes have us pining for the desperately hot days of 1970s New York epitomized by another ode to anguish and destruction. Taxi Driver. Not a bad a look to go for in the worst heat wave we've had in decade. It's about time to fuck with bell bottoms. Seriously.

It's funny to think that just three decades ago, a man's masculinity was tethered to how tight his pants were. Matt Dillon's bell bottoms are so taut at the thigh they're almost leggings. He's the toughest dude in the entire film, the James Dean of the movie, and he wears crop top, spaghetti strap tanks. Swooooooon. The androgyny of the era means that the ladies wear variations of the same thing, blousey peasant shirts, courdoroys and tight, belly-baring Rush T-shirts. Pretty much the only thing that separates them from the boys are their bratty pouts, and the feathers they tie in their hair. Below is the theme song for the movie, the beautiful Valerie Carter singing her quartz crsytalline version of "Ooh Child", and a collection of scenes, but you should watch the whole movie if you want to absorb style this big.

Posted: July 09, 2010
Gentlemen Prefer: The Style of Over The Edge