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Rebolledo’s FACT Mix MP3

July 19, 2010

A few months ago, someone sent us a link to Rebolledo's inscrutable, melodramatic "Guerrero" video, for a minimal track on Kompakt which features Rebolledo shouting into the camera so vehemently he appears to want to tear apart your face with his teeth. We did not know whether to laugh or hide (we did both). His mixtape for FACT, however, shows a gentler side of the Mexico-based DJ/producer: a solid offering of meditative disco sprinkled with several of his own thoughtful tracks. True, there are a couple scary parts—midway through he inserted an electro song that sounds cribbed straight from a spiderweb-addled haunted mansion—but generally it shows Rebolledo's general penchant for high-IQ house and dusty grooves. Most importantly, in the FACT comments section, someone wrote: "I FIX REBOLLEDOS CAR HE DRIVES A AZTEC WIREDEST CAR EVER, YES HE HAS A DECENT AUDIO SYSTEM, IN THE BACK HE ONCE INSTALL TWO TURN TABLES AND PLAY FOR HIS CROUD AT SOME RANDOM PART IN HIS BORN STATE OF VERACRUZ , WEIRDEST STATE EVER....LIKE UTHA BUT WITH OUR THE MORMONS." Tracklist after the jump.

Download: Rebolledo's FACT Mix

1. Solar X – Recitation
2. Von Spar – Collecting natural antimatter
3. Discodeine feat. Matias Aguayo – Singular (Rebolledo’s not accepted remix)
4. Missing Linkkx – Got a minute
5. Rebolledo y Daniel Maloso – Fresh
6. Von Spar – Troops (Rebolledo Remix)
7. Barry de Vorson – Theme from “The Warriors”
8. Siskid – Gun Stubs (Rebolledo Remix)
9. Superpitcher – Rabbits in a hurry (Instrumental version)
10. Cologne Tape – Render 2 (Magazine edit)
11. Pachanga Boys – Power
12. Rebolledo y Daniel Maloso – Morgan
13. Rebolledo y Patricio – Atanavajas

Rebolledo’s FACT Mix MP3