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Gentlemen Prefer: The Style of The Selecter

August 02, 2010

The Selecter's hit "On My Radio" is espresso as a song, a bit jittery with that Hammond organ but really a chug, too, energetic and so not a bad choice for Monday mornings that are feeling a bit bleak. For inspiration, we took a break from our morning ritual to watch the video for the song and Google image search pictures of the band and its lead singer Pauline Black. Her pegged pants and subtle block creepers are ideal armor for a shitty day, instant classics that mix the fit of the 1950s with a rougher, fresher attitude.

The rest of the band looks dope, too, slight variations on Pauline's look that include one-button tweed blazers, back-length dreads, Sambas, and wide stripes. But the reality is that the boys and girls of 2 Tone don't dress all that differently from each other, a refreshing gender neutrality that pulls from both female and male style. Androgyny is a gradient, sometimes causing boys to look girlish or girls to look like gents. But The Selecter's brand creates a uniform that puts style over sex.

Posted: August 02, 2010
Gentlemen Prefer: The Style of The Selecter