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Stream: !!! Live on KEXP

August 03, 2010

!!! has been funky since the ’90s. That saxophone jam has roots older than you've got socks. !!! has got a new album, Strange Weather, Isn't It?, due later this month and it's just as punch as anything they've released before. This recording from KEXP—as you can tell from the shout out during single "AM/FM"—is the band live at Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party and people are cheering. Singer Nic Offer, he sounds like he's gonna swallow his tongue. And whatever instrument it is that's making that space sound sounds like it's on its way to Mars. Sun Ra meets James Brown meets The Clash—the most fun punk rock dance party with the best hair ever.


Posted: August 03, 2010
Stream: !!! Live on KEXP