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Premiere: Logo, “Junocide” MP3

August 11, 2010

For any of you left in the world that think Paris sounds like a lonely accordion and Juliette Greco, you're super wrong. In unromantic reality, Paris sounds exactly like this track by Logo from their forthcoming EP on Kitsuné. It's the kind of fashiony, tick-tock electronic music that they play everywhere in Paris. In New York we only play songs like this in the club, but in Paris you'll hear dark, green-laser songs like this in clothing stores, restaurants, even hospitals. Ok, not in hospitals, that would be weird, but the point is that the French make and appreciate music like this as much as any place in the world. So when Kitsuné puts out new tracks, it's almost always the best of that enlightened crop. Now you can download their latest one for zero francs, put it on your iPod, and just like the French, hear the jam everywhere you go.

Download: Logo, "Junocide"

Posted: August 11, 2010
Premiere: Logo, “Junocide” MP3