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Dark Sky, “Night Light” MP3

August 13, 2010

Dark Sky has climbed like some dark and magical moth creature from the recesses of a damp netherworld, seething and spewing black oozy tears from between its crystalline eyes. Wrapped around one of its hairy back legs is the battered remnants of dubstep and garage, pieces breaking off and sending melancholy echoes as they tumble back down into the hole from which the creature dragged them. In other words, the trio's newest release on Pictures Music, the Frames EP, is a dark soundscape that rides on the same murky cloud conjured by Burial with his self-titled release and has since become its own established genre in some amoebic and undefinable way. It's an emotional departure from the testosterone-saturated wobbles or the frigid percussive exactness of the "post-dubstep" scene and evokes a feeling of, dare we say "soulfulness," but the kind of soul that pines for a sunny day from within the concrete sweep of a East London housing block. Or whatever.

Reflex - Forthcoming on Pictures by Dark Sky

Posted: August 13, 2010
Dark Sky, “Night Light” MP3