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Stream New Real Estate and Cloud Nothings Songs

August 19, 2010

True Panther, get out of our minds! Next in the label's unerring streak of releasing our favorite bands: new singles from slouchy Jersey boys Real Estate and spazzed out pop dude Cloud Nothings, aka Dylan Baldi. "Out of Tune" is one of Real Estate's signature lazy day picnic jams, but it sparkles from better production and "dueling" guitars (aka two guitars that sound like they're playing a stoned game of kick the can). Cloud Nothings' track, "Leave You Forever," is "Out of Tune"'s exact opposite, a whipping love song with Baldi scream-singing his possibly non-committal eternal devotion while presumably jumping up and down and sweating. You won't want to stop streaming either one, and if you pre-order them in the original 7-inch form, you can hold them in your arms at night and try to absorb some of their magic while you sleep.

Out Of Tune by truepanther

Leave You Forever by truepanther

Stream New Real Estate and Cloud Nothings Songs