Deltatron’s Peruvian Dubstep-Cumbia Jams

August 27, 2010

AY MAMA! Though young Lima-based producer Deltatron describes his "dumbia" tracks as still in progress, we kinda froke out when the bass dropped at 2:50 in "Demasiado Joven." He's using dubstep less as a genre construct and more to enhance the warmth and gravity of his jams, which sound like a ranchero living in Pee Wee's Playhouse and cracking occasionally smarmy jokes at Miss Yvonne. (So, basically, Cowboy Curtis. Shout to Papa Fishburne.) Download his 4 da Kidz mixtape over at Bandcamp (including a track entitled "Old Skull Candy Raver Milfz"), and stream more tracks below. (via Generation Bass)

Deltatron - Demasiado Joven by deltatron

Deltatron - L.M.C. by deltatron

Deltatron - Nose Bone by deltatron

Deltatron’s Peruvian Dubstep-Cumbia Jams