Paul Marmota, A Pata Pela Mix Vol. III MP3

September 02, 2010

Chilean DJ Paul Marmota plays UK funky and Afro-Latin house at clubs in his present hometown of Mexico City, a vocation made possible by technology's global liberation effect at its finest. Marmota uploads his A Pata Pela mixes to SoundCloud (the now version of a bustling marketplace) and the latest is awesome—a painstakingly mixed bit of humid dance tracks from some of our latest favorites, including Manaré, Wildlife and Seiji. Marmota's got an ear for decrescendo heat and ancient polyrhythms, a thing that's also evident in his own production, which we highly recommend checking out. Shit like this makes us want to make out with the internet. Tracklist and the second volume of A Pata Pela after the jump.

A Pata Pela (Mix Set) Vol.3 by Paul Marmota (via Bootlegumachine)

Manaré - Voodoo (Original Mix)
Camel - Akin (Original Mix)
Melé - Maliboo (Original Mix)
WILDLIFE - Metazoa (Original Mix)
Milt Mortez - Rhino Run (Original Mix)
Seiji - Agua Riddim (Original Mix)
Bale - Body Language (Original Mix)
Zombies For Money - Sururumba (Caribe Version)
Manaré - Blitzkrieg Riddim (Original Mix)
Soil & "Pimp"sessions - Pop Korn (Wafa Remix)
Kalero - our folklore (drive me mix) - bside

A Pata Pela! (Mix Set) Vol.2 by Paul Marmota

Paul Marmota, A Pata Pela Mix Vol. III MP3