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Marnie Stern, “Transparency is the New Mystery” MP3

Photographer Shawn Brackbill
September 08, 2010

Look at that photo of New York power guitarist Marnie Stern up there, with her sweet, kind face and innocent playing-with-dogs stance. Now press play on this new song from her forthcoming, self-titled third album, and listen to her sing the mantra I'm not enough in the most resigned-to-be-desperate declarative tone. Does this shit not break your heart? It seems beneath all her superhuman guitar virtuosity, she's as vulnerable as all of us—but as the title implies, is her sudden forthrightness just a ruse to cover up the real pain behind the pain? Are we listeners/fans caught in a maze of double and triple entendre, hoping to capture a glimpse of one artist's pure, unfiltered soul, yet misguided by the false truths of oversharing? Also, has she posted this to her Twitter yet?

Download: Marnie Stern, "Transparency is the New Mystery"

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Marnie Stern, “Transparency is the New Mystery” MP3