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Stream: Three New Amazing Baby Jams

September 16, 2010

Our dudefriends in Amazing Baby have been working hard on some fresh new songs for a sophomore album, tentatively titled Ice Water. Yesterday they informed the webisphere that they'd put up three demos on their MySpace. That's pretty meta since one of the tracks, the slow, beautiful ballad that is "Kurzweil," refers to author/inventor Ray Kurzweil, who believes that humanity will be of one collective mind once all our information is stored in one place... say, the internet. Kurzweil is like the king of Fight Club or the mascot for The Matrix. Not sure if he realizes that though. Either way, let's hurry up and put everything in cyberspace so we can become a one-brained blob god with one cell phone. We'll need a much bigger home and a larger phone than Zack Morris.

Stream: New Amazing Baby Jams

Posted: September 16, 2010
Stream: Three New Amazing Baby Jams