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Blank Dogs, “Northern Islands” MP3

September 23, 2010

Renaissance man extraordinaire, Mike Sniper aka Blank Dogs, just release a track from his upcoming album Land and Fixed on his own label, Captured Tracks. The song is a blippy dreamscape of beats and sounds that sound a little less basement-recording and a little more movin-on-up. Could Blank Dogs be entering Jeffersons territory on this one? We'll just have to wait until the album debuts on October 12th to find out. And maybe he'll play a few songs prematurely (we can only hope!) tomorrow night at Dos Hermanos Tortilleria in Bushwick—worth the trip for the tacos alone, with the added bonus of a fun party and good music.

Download: Blank Dogs, "Northern Islands" (via P4K)

Posted: September 23, 2010
Blank Dogs, “Northern Islands” MP3