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Band Practice With The Walkmen

September 28, 2010

It is kind of silly to think that a super established band like The Walkmen, who have had years and years to get familiar with each others' playing skills, ever need to practice. But these dudes are not above the simple act of dusting off old equipment, tuning up and ironing out the fine details on some of the f-ing rad songs from the new album. We had an oddly voyeuristic experience in The Walkmen's practice space in South Brooklyn. They had just played Fallon the night before and were prepping for a show on Governors Island that weekend. With a tour booked through December, they are no less busy now. And for a deeper glimpse into how it feels to be a fly on the Walkmen's wall, read our feature in Issue 69.


Posted: September 28, 2010
Band Practice With The Walkmen