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Premiere: Holy Fuck, “Stay Lit (Bishop Morocco RMX)” MP3

October 07, 2010

It's easy to forget how solid a lot of Holy Fuck tracks are, what with all the noise and dancing usually attendant to listening to the Canadian band. Here's a helpful reminder: Toronto band Bishop Morocco have remixed "Stay Lit," a standout from this year's Latin. In doing so, they've scaled back some of the gradual epicness of the original and given it the Sonny Crockett-on-his-way-to-a-drug-bust treatment. The chillier new version highlights some different aspects of the tune; of course, we guess you can probably still dance to it if you really want. Holy Fuck and Bishop Morocco will be touring together later this winter.

Download: Holy Fuck, "Stay Lit (Bishop Morocco RMX)

Posted: October 07, 2010
Premiere: Holy Fuck, “Stay Lit (Bishop Morocco RMX)” MP3