Itemized: African Apparel

October 12, 2010

It's nothing new to be a fan of bootleg Simpsons shirts. A whole cottage industry was made on Bart being black or, like, a Ninja Turtle or INSERT OTHER EARLY '90S REFERENCE HERE. It was awesome and weird and pretty much never made sense. It's also why I flipped my shit when I saw this African Apparel Ganja Homer Simpson shirt. Do you know how important it was for me to have this? Really important. As far as I can remember, I never actually owned any of those bootleg Simpsons tees, but they were such a ubiquitous part of growing up that I may as well have had a whole drawer full. Same vibe with this.

But I should backtrack. My jam lately has been wearing t-shirts again. Not because it's been way too hot to do anything but walk down the street in a long t-shirt and a Speedo while spraying myself with a hose (just kidding, no hose), but because t-shirts are comfortable. Also because I am in this weird predicament where I somehow managed to live in apartments with washer/dryers nonstop until my current one. This, for obvious reasons, absolutely sucks. I totally forgot that laundry can be a time-consuming thing involving taking dirty sacks of clothes outside into the world and bringing them somewhere else. Not the worst thing in the world, but if I can do it from the warmth of my own home I am generally a happier person. That is basically a long way of saying that I found myself in possession of a whole bunch of shirts that I was finally able to augment my button down collection with. Somewhere in the dubious portion of my early 20s (all of it) I decided that I could only fully feel adult if I wore shirts with buttons. This was dumb because guess what! It gets super hot in New York sometimes.

Naturally, I've since abandoned that absurd concept, and wear t-shirts all the time. These African Apparel ones, especially old Homer Weedhands, are great. First off, they fit well (although if you order Homer, go one size upl). This is no tiny thing when it comes to t-shirts, nothing is worse than a shirt too small, and too big shirts can be cool but look weird on me so that's out. Anyway! They fit well and cleverly reference things I know about like Homer Simpson with marijuana leaves for hands, or how in college everyone had those posters where it would be like a poster of Bob Marley a poster of Jimi Hendrix and then a third wild card poster that would be either Kurt Cobain or Dave Matthews.

They're based out of the UK, but don't let that deter you. They cost just as much as any shirt you might grab off the racks at Supreme or Reed Space or something.

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Itemized: African Apparel