Premiere: J-Wow’s FADER Mix MP3

October 13, 2010

As ever, we are talking about the fearless Buraka Som Sistema producer/DJ from Lisbon, not the excessively tanned Jerz chica now famous for being a prominent member of the leisure-class-with-a-hurricane-glass. Our J-Wow was here first! And as a productive member of world society, he's just dropped "Spark," a sneaky new single on his own label, Enchufada, that references both the kuduro stutter his group's known for as well as classic, neon-rimmed electro. To celebrate, he made us a mix that shows from whence he came which, clearly, is everywhere—he nabs dance beats from Bmore to Joburg, Sweden to Angola, and tosses in a few of our eternal faves (Nina Simone and, um, Spoek Mathambo) for good measure. Grab the tracklist and some forthcoming Euro tour dates after the jump!

Download: J-Wow's FADER Mix

J-Wow's Mix for FADER Tracklist
01. Stereotyp Boogaloo (Intro) (CD-R)
02. J-WOW Fogo/Spark (Canblaster Remix) (Enchufada)
03. J-WOW Spark (Enchufada)
04. Pacheco/Pocz Zarbak (Sensless)
05. Ciara Ride it (So Shifty Remix) (CD-R)
06. Cajmere Percolator (Major Lazer Remix)
07. Mastiksoul & Gregor Salto Bate a bunda (4 Kenzo)
08. Seiji Weedkiller (CD-R)
09. DJ Mankila & YS Vem Rebola
10. Cabo Snoop Windeck (CD-R)
11. Benga Bmore Clap (Bert on Beats Bootleg)
12. WILDLIFE! Metazoa (Enchufada)
13. DJ Mujava Mugwanti (original mix) (Dirty Dutch)
14. DJ Mujava Mugwanti (Alvaro Remix) (Dirty Dutch)
15. Sandro Silva & Dj Rockid Fawaka (Foktop)
16. Spoek Mathambo Mshini Wam (Canblaster Remix)
17. Yotam Avni vs Clipse Coke Bouquet vs Mr. Me Too (J-WOW Bootleg)
18. T. Williams Getting Mine (Forthcoming Enchufada)
19. Diamond Bass Se Prepara (Forthcoming Enchufada)
20. Nina Simone Funkier Than A Mosquito's…
21. Mastiksoul Capotagem (4 Kenzo)
22. DJ Znobia Marimbas do Amor

Tour Dates
14 October Forma T @ Fuse, Brussels

21 October Nouveau Casino, Paris - Free Party!

22 October Fabric, London with Rodigan, Toddla T

29 October RedBull Radio/FM4 Party, Vienna

Premiere: J-Wow’s FADER Mix MP3