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The Heatwave’s Turn and Wine Mix MP3

October 20, 2010

It’s CMJ week in New York, which sensibly would present a bunch of opportunities for making new friends pon the dance floor. But even though a lot of those boys in Clarks boots and pocket tees are dreamboats, they are not all movers. Don’t take it personal, you should still go out. But first, stay in and set good intentions for your night in the kitchen with Heatwave’s Turn and Wine mix; coconut water, malbec, clothing all optional (be careful). This is blushing burn start to finish; Gyptian whispering the tip-off in your ear, Vybz promising tsunami force love, back and forth-ing with Gaza Slim. The sampler’s namesake party is free tomorrow in London, but if you’re not based there or here, just load this on your iPod and run immediately to your local stairmaster. Dan Bean chose J-Boog’s “Let’s Do It Again” as a closer and after thirty minutes of solo sweat romance it’ll make a pure heaven cool-down. Tracklist after the jump!

Download: The Heatwave's Turn and Wine Mix

1. Vybz Kartel - Turn and Wine (DNA Riddim)
2. Vybz Kartel - Like a Jockey (Street Groove Riddim)
3. Vybz Kartel - Better Can Wuk
4. Kenyatta Fire - Like A Gipsy
5. Aidonia - We A Tek it Off (Catalog Riddim)
6. Taranchyla - Wifey Anthem (Basik Instink Riddim)
7. Mr Lexx - Tek Di Nite (Basik Instink Riddim)
8. Leftside & Mystic Davis - Phat Punani (Just Blaze / Boy Shorts Blend)
9. Mr Vegas - Boy Shorts (Ital Stew Riddim)
10. Red Fox & Screechie Dan - Pose Off (Drum Song Riddim)
11. Beenie Man & Future Fambo - Rum and Red Bull (One Day Riddim)
12. Khago - Nah Sell Out (One Day Riddim)
13. Vybz Kartel & Russian - Straight Jeans & Fitted
14. Vybz Kartel - Touch A Button
15. Mad Cobra - Press Trigger (The Buzz Riddim)
16. Gappy Ranks - Stinkin Rich (The Buzz Blend)
17. Mr Vegas - She's A Cutie (Circus Riddim)
18. Sean Paul - Hey Ya (Circus Riddim)
19. Vybz Kartel - Beat Up The Pussy (Circus Blend)
20. RDX - Bend Ova Refix (Americano Riddim)
21. Busy Signal - Picante Refix (Americano Riddim)
22. Busy Signal - Gal Bounce (Americano Riddim)
23. Spice- Jim Screechie (Jim Screechie Riddim)
24. Aidonia - Jackhammer (Jim Screechie Riddim)
25. Mavado - Never Believe You (Jim Screechie Blend)
26. J-Boog - Let's Do It Again (Major Riddim)

The Heatwave’s Turn and Wine Mix MP3