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Wiley, “It’s Wiley” MP3

October 25, 2010

The blending (or watering down) of dancehall with other musical genres has slowly been securing its footing in Jamaican music. While producers have started to tag new hybrid forms of dancehall with meaningless additives like "pop," "island" or "urban," what is most likely happening is the globalization of Jamaican sound. With all the combos and (sometimes painful) collabos happening in dancehall right now, it's refreshing to hear when someone gets it right. Prodigal Entertainment did just that by dropping this new one from UK grime beacon Wiley. It's the first track off Prodigal's soon-to-be-premiered Showa Eski riddim, which will also include other crossover artists like Lady Chann, Ward 21, Natalie Storm, Einstein and Rage. But we're not calling it "grimehall" or "island grime." We're just gonna sit back, vacate our heads and stomp out the beat.

Download: Wiley, "It's Wiley"

Posted: October 25, 2010
Wiley, “It’s Wiley” MP3