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Ratatat, “Neckbrace (Hyetal RMX)” MP3

October 26, 2010

Did you notice how on this year's LP4, Ratatat attempted to make the bare minimum in change to a sound that's proven effective for them for years now? No? Well, that's what Hyetal is here for. The Bristol-based producer caught the New Yorkers trying to sneak a string section and some jokey vocal samples onto "Neckbrace" and quickly put the kibosh on all that. In their place, he's made the beats hit harder and faster, and brought up the just-on-the-good-side-of-abrasive synths that Ratatat have always been known for, ultimately making it sound like a classic Ratatat track (or a solid Hyetal track). "Just when I thought I was out..." and whatnot.

Download: Ratatat, "Neckbrace (Hyetal RMX)"

Posted: October 26, 2010
Ratatat, “Neckbrace (Hyetal RMX)” MP3