Premiere: MJ Cole’s Exclusive FADER Mix

October 27, 2010

MJ Cole's about to drop a sneaky heater of a single with Wiley on his own Prolific Recordings imprint, and to help celebrate, the iconic producer/DJ went completely bazonkers on a mix for us—no joke, STRAIGHT UP BAZONKERS. Now, we often say things are out of control and crazy because we are just that enthusiastic about music, but trust when we say our brains exploded within the first five minutes of our first listen to this thing. Which lead us to wonder: is MJ Cole is trying to kill us through inexhaustible awesomeness? And if he is, do we mind? After all, he's been consistently helping change our lives for more than a decade, pioneering 2-step and UK garage (subsequently murdering our pocketbook in the early '00s, thank you import vinyl). And his FADER mix is heavy on his own jams and remixes, juiced-up bits of rhythm and bass with an overload of triumphant, hands-in-the-air crescendo moments. (We think the part where we broke was on his remix of Shy FX's "Raver," yow.) So while we will probably figuratively die on an MJ Cole-driven dancefloor, we can't think of a better way to go out. Thanks, MJ, send this mix to our loved ones after we're gone. After the jump, find the tracklisting and the brand new video for Cole and Wiley's "From the Drop."

Download: MJ Cole's Exclusive FADER Mix

MJ Cole & Wiley “From the Drop”
DJ Zinc “Nexx”
The Squatters “Superfly” (Will Bailey Remix)
Shy FX “Raver” (MJ Cole Remix)
Bassjackers “Cencerro”
Digital Lab “Venga” (Sandro Silva Remix)
MJ Cole “Codeine”
L-Vis 1990 “United Groove” (MJ Cole remix)
MJ Cole “Volcano Riddim”
M16 vs SLR ft Sammy Dread (L-Vis 1990 remix)
MJ Cole “TGV”
Baobinga “Make it Drop”
Twinkle ft Spyda “Gella” (Baobinga & ID Remix)
D1 “Pitcher”
MJ Cole “Thekla Riddim”
Drop the Lime “Sex Sax” (MJ Cole remix)
Stamp Beats “Young and Dumb”
Foamo “Here Comes”

From The Collection:

Premiere: MJ Cole’s Exclusive FADER Mix