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Deerhoof, “Travels Broaden the Mind (Kasai Allstars Cover)”

October 28, 2010

It kind of feels like this is what Deerhoof was meant to be doing all along. Not to rag on them or anything, or downplay everything they've done so far. It's just the fact that it took covering a pretty joyous (though similarly minimalist) track ("Wa Muluendu") by a 15-piece Congolese supergroup to get Deerhoof to calm down a little must mean that their buttons are being pushed in some new ways. Technically credited to Deerhoof VS Kasai Allstars, this is the lead track on a new Crammed Discs compilation of "alternative" (their word) acts covering songs from Congotronics albums. As you might've guessed, the most well-represented coverees on the 2-disc comp are Konono N°1 (they're the one people know!). That said, consider us pretty interested in the Oneida VS Konono N°1 track, especially after the impression this one makes.

Download: Deerhoof, "Travels Broaden the Mind (Kasai Allstars Cover)" (via YANP)

Posted: October 28, 2010
Deerhoof, “Travels Broaden the Mind (Kasai Allstars Cover)”