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Daily Inspiration: Jimmy McMillan, “Ain’t Nothing To Talk About”

November 02, 2010

For those of you who are smart enough to stay away from the more farcical elements of our current political season, let us explain who Jimmy McMillan is. Jimmy McMillan is a New York gubernatorial candidate, meaning that, theoretically, he could be in control of many aspects of New Yorkers' lives by the end of today. While that would be really funny for a minute or so, we're pretty sure the feds would call an immediate state of emergency the minute after that, because Jimmy McMillan has no idea what he's doing. His nickname, self-appointed, is the Black Hulk Hogan. He teaches martial arts and, if it's not clear by this video, thinks rent is too damn high, which we can agree with. We also have a former madam (who might also be a former man) running. Both of them debated Andrew Cuomo, the frontrunner and current New York State Attorney General, on live television, as did the candidate with the most realistic chance of beating Cuomo, Carl Paladino, who is crazier than both Black Hulk Hogan and the man-madam.

God Bless America.

All we're saying is, listen to this song, hope for a juke remix and all that, but please, please, please make sure to vote today, and make sure it is for someone who knows what is in the U.S. Constitution (martial arts knowledge is a bonus).

Daily Inspiration: Jimmy McMillan, “Ain’t Nothing To Talk About”