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Conversion Party, “Birds of Paradise Lost” MP3

November 03, 2010

We don't know what Conversion Party mean by "birds." They're from Brooklyn, pigeons are from Brooklyn. They play rock music that sounds like rock music. But wait, dudes… birds as in chicks or birds like mistakes, like your brain is too small? We Cliffnoted Paradise Lost, do you mean birds like angels? Somebody is shouting like an actual bird-bird on there, is that correct? It's a lot of mixed messages but the fall of man is some complicated shit, and maybe it's everything and don't let that obscure the fact that, hey, there's a guy out there feeling awful. Feeling awfully like a some sweet post-rock. Bladow! Download "Birds of Paradise Lost" and check out a whole gang of other tracks here.

Download: Conversion Party, "Birds of Paradise Lost"

Posted: November 03, 2010
Conversion Party, “Birds of Paradise Lost” MP3