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Fall Twofer: Cedar Av and Eric & Magill Album MP3s

November 09, 2010

Dudes its fall! That means all we want to do is listen to music from Milwaukee, Wisconsin or His Hero Is Gone. We could post about HHIG [ed: we have] but we'd rather post about some bros in Milwaukee making great music and putting it onto the internet for FREE. Both of these come from dudes we know well as music makers in Milwaukee dream team powerhouse Decibully. Cedar Av is Listening Party Records head honcho Nick Sanborn along with Nathaniel Zabriskie and Erik Schoster. Electro vibes. Eric & MaGill is Ryan Weber of the aforementioned Decibully along with Eric Osterman, formerly of Camden. Hows that for some Midwest name dropping? We don't care! A bunch of dudes in all those bands were also in The Promise Ring! Both of these free albums are jams! Download Cedar Av here and listen to Eric & MaGill below (or click stream title for free download).

Stream: Eric & MaGill, All Those I Know

Posted: November 09, 2010
Fall Twofer: Cedar Av and Eric & Magill Album MP3s