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Bad Religion Turns 30, Stream Their Billion Albums

November 11, 2010

In middle school, when Blink 182 seemed too mainstream to get into, buying a Bad Religion t-shirt from Hot Topic was the cooler option. Our 13 year old selves were thrashing shit up in the bedroom while blaring the song “Incomplete” off of Stranger Than Fiction singing along to Mother, father, look at your little monster/ I'm a hero, I'm a zero, I'm the butt of the worst joke in history. This was a time when being a “little monster” was a bad thing, and not related to Lady Gaga. Bad Religion sounded scarily angsty and badass to my prepubescent ears, and I am proud to say that not much has changed. In honor of Bad Religion’s 30th anniversary, Spinner has posted 17 of their full- length albums. Get to thrashing.

Stream: 17 Bad Religion albums

Posted: November 11, 2010
Bad Religion Turns 30, Stream Their Billion Albums