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Video: Slava, “Dreaming Tiger” + Stream “World of Spirits”

November 11, 2010

Brooklyn via Chicago producer Slava will soon release a 12-inch single with these two songs on Future Times. This is a live version of "Dreaming Tiger," so possibly expect the recorded one to be a little cleaner, but we hope not (we haven't heard it). "Dream Tiger" is far from a one-for-one remolding of the 808/303 schools of house, but takes those primitive War Games principles and gives them a little desert boogie and pale energy. The Arthur Russell title-referencing (maybe) "World of Spirits" is a more distinctly funky number, almost tinny square dance. The hand claps and key horns are super fiesta. If you could surf in Spanish on an upside down wave at the edge of a volcano it would sound like this. More Slava jams over on his Soundcloud.

Stream: Slava, "World of Spirits"

World of Spirits by slava

Video: Slava, “Dreaming Tiger” + Stream “World of Spirits”