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Stream: 18 Songs from the Massive Orange Juice Box Set

November 15, 2010

Orange Juice will always hold a particular place in the hearts of those who embrace their awkwardness, dress it in sequins and hit the dancefloor without the slightest trace of concern for what other people think. The post-punk Glaswegians, fronted by a young Edwyn Collins, were the anti-Clash, outwardly blasé and proud of it, and the band's new 7-disc box set, Coals to Newcastle (Domino, 11/22), does a more than respectable job of documenting the subtle evolution of Orange Juice's sound from its debut in 1980 to its demise in 1984. Below you can hear 18 songs from across the board, from the classic "Rip It Up" to, well, the lesser known Orange Juice songs from B-sides to Peel Sessions and beyond. Pre-order the monstrous box set over at Domino, check the tracklist for the sampler after the jump and download "Felicity" by clicking on MP3 on the player.

1. Rip It Up (5:19)
The title track from Orange Juice’s second album and reached #8 on the UK singles charts in the spring of 1983.
2. Blue Boy (2:54)
The second 7” single released in August 1980 on the Postcard label.
3. Three Cheers For Our Side (3:01)
Taken from the second session for John Peel recorded in August 1981.
4. What Presence?! (3:57)
The pre-album single for Orange Juice’s last full-length. Produced by Phil Thornalley, later of The Cure (ever so briefly).
5. Bridge (3:38)
Taken from the Texas Fever mini-album.
6. Felicity (2:35)
The second single from the band’s debut album and Morrissey’s favorite Orange Juice song of all-time.
7. Breakfast Time (5:11)
A radical re-recording of the b-side of the band’s third Postcard single made for Rip It Up.
8. The Day I Went Down To Texas (2:42)
Taken from the Texas Fever allegory for the band’s move from Glasgow to London.
9. Lovesick (2:27)
B-side to the "Blue Boy" single, later re-recorded for the b-side of the "Rip It Up" single as well.
10. Scaremonger (3:41)
Taken from the swansong album, The Orange Juice.
11. Consolation Prize (2:53)
Taken from their debut album, You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever.
12. Holiday Hymn (3:13)
A cover of the Vic Godard & The Subway Sect tune taken from their second John Peel session.
13. Flesh Of My Flesh (3:13)
The re-recorded 7” single version made with reggae/post-punk producer Dennis "Blackbeard" Bovell.
14. Poor Old Soul, Pt. 1 (2:30)
The last Postcard single before the band departed for Polydor.
15. A Sad Lament (4:43)
Originally a b-side to the "Rip It Up" single but made an encore appearance on the Texas Fever mini-LP.
16. I Guess I’m Just A Little Too Sensitive (3:51)
Former band member James Kirk once joked that he wrote a song about Edwyn Collins with this title, Edwyn saw fit to see it to fruition.
17. Blokes On 45 (4:30)
A Peel Session sendup of the band’s four Postcard singles, b-sides and all, in the style of the "Stars On 45" phenomenon of the time.
18. In A Nutshell (4:16)
The closing track on the debut album and originally written for Nico to sing, but she demurred.

Posted: November 15, 2010
Stream: 18 Songs from the Massive Orange Juice Box Set