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Venus’ XTC Live Mix MP3

November 16, 2010

On Saturday the 30th of October, NYC's unofficial actual Halloween, a few days after Venus decided to stop throwing GHE20 G0TH1K, she DJ'd at MoMA. It was people dressed like Frida Kahlo, double rainbows, Mario Brothers, Jordan Catalano. Most of what she played was things we'd never heard, sludgy reggaeton, aggro ghetto tech, things dark and Halloween appropriate. And then she played "I Feel Like Dying" slowed down and it was fucked. So fucked up! Seriously, have you ever been in the same building as a bunch of serious fancy artwork while eating free candy watching people in costumes try to dance Lil Wayne at 40BPM? It will make you feel nuts. Which is basically what the latter half of Venus' XTC Live mix for Wow feels like. Three 6 Mafia slowed down into the speed of anti-evolution. Keyshia Cole as a sea monster. The next GHE20 G0TH1K is gonna be a giant rave in December, we'll have more information about that soon. Tracklist after the jump and read Wow's accompanying interview with Venus.

Download: Venus' XTC Live mix

Don Chezina- Tra
This Is Your Brain- House of La Dosha
Tu Eres Senorita- Dominican Dembow
Angel X- Kitty
Speedy- Amor Con La Ropa
Ms. Jane- It's A Fine Day
Amduscia- El Consuelo Final
The Speed Freak- Devastator Aftermath 2
War Sounds- Siren
Keyshia Cole- Love (VX chopdnscrwd live)
Amerie- Not the Only One (VX chopdnscrwd live)
Three 6 Mafia- Sippin on Syrup (VX chopdnscrwd live)
War Sounds- Sonar Inside Submarine
War Sounds- Jungle Atmosphere, deep

Venus’ XTC Live Mix MP3