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Loyal Divide, “Baladron” MP3

November 18, 2010

If all things have a time and space, then Loyal Divide's is in the air, probably above Turkey, when you're taking the long way to Japan from Chicago, say around 1973. You're probably going to the Asian premiere of Soylent Green, but it's been dubbed by funky stoners from Tokyo. Loyal Divide are in fact from Chicago right now, but the have a huge hum of percussion reminiscent of Herbie Hancock "Watermelon Man" era and some heavy psychedelic overtones, some Do Make Say Think dramatic buzz. Theoretically the phrase "deep groove" means something else but they should adopt it. FYI, "baladron" is Spanish for cocky douche.

Download: Loyal Divide, "Baladron"

Posted: November 18, 2010
Loyal Divide, “Baladron” MP3